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Uniforms & Gear

As living historians portraying paratroopers of the 101st Airborne Division, new recruits are highly encouraged (though not required nor limited) to all of the following. Naturally, reenacting is an expensive hobby. Do not feel obligated to buy everything at the same time. Accumulating the necessary gear is often a multi-year process - but completely worth it.

Uniform and Gear Guide Key:
OL denotes use only for Operation Overlord
MG denotes use only for Operation Market Garden
* denotes non-requirement

82nd Airborne uniform
Combat Clothing
Coat, Parachute Jumper, M42 (Re-enforced*) OL 
Trousers, Jumper, Parachute, M42 (Re-enforced*) OL
Jacket, Field, M43 [with 48-Star Flag Armband*] MG
Trousers, M43 (Modified) MG
Boots, Jumper, Parachute or Boots, Service, Combat MG
Shirt, Wool, Mustard, Special (gas proof feature) with 101st Airborne patch
Trousers, Wool, OD, Special*
Socks, Cotton, OD3 or Socks, Cushion-sole*
Boxers, Cotton, OD3*
Undershirt, OD7* or T-shirt, White*
Suspenders, Trousers and/or Belt, Waist, M37 with open-face buckle
Tags, Identification, Notched and neck chain with S-hooks

G.I. helmet with netting.
Field Equipment
Helmet, M2 with liner and leather chin cup
Helmet Net, 1/2” weave pattern [with burlap scrim OL]
Bag, Canvas, Field, M36
Suspenders, Belt, M36 [with brown felt shoulder pads*]
Cover, Canteen, M10 or M41 (Modified)
Canteen, M10 or M41
Cup, Canteen, M10 OL or M42
Pouch, First Aid, M24 [with Bandage, Carlisle, M41 in tin] or M42 [with Bandage, Carlisle, M43 in box]
Tool, Entrenching, T-Handle, M10 OL or Tool, Entrenching, Folding, M43 [with appropriate cover]

Thompson sub-machine gun, etc.

Weapons and Related Items 
(Choose one primary and two secondary.)
Primary Options:
Rifle, Caliber .30, M1 [with M3 combination tool*, oiler*, grease pot*, and M1907 Sling]
Bayonet, M1 and Scabbard*
Belt, Cartridge, M23 or Belt, Pistol, M36 with Pouches, Rigger, M1 (3-4)
Bandoleer, Ammunition, M1 (2)*
Bag, Spare ammunition, M1*
Container, Rifle, Individual, Aerial delivery, 1st pattern, (Modified 1st pattern Griswold bag)*
Carbine, Caliber .30, M1A1 [with OD3 web sling and oiler]
Belt, Pistol, M36 with M1 Carbine Pouches (2) or Pouches, Rigger, M1 (2)
Bandoleer, Ammunition, M1*
Scabbard, Carbine, M1A1 (standard or rigger modified)*
Rifle, Caliber .30, M1903A4 (sniper variant with scope)
Belt, Cartridge, M23
Bandoleer, Ammunition, M1 (2)*
Submachine Gun, Caliber .45, Thompson
Pouch, Magazine, 5-cell, Thompson (2) or Pouches, Rigger, Magazine, Submachine Gun (2)
Bag, Spare Magazine, Submachine Gun*
Container, Aerial Delivery, Submachine Gun*
Submachine Gun, Caliber .45, M3
Belt, Pistol, M36 with Pouches, Rigger, Magazine, Submachine Gun (2)
Bag, Spare magazine, Submachine Gun*
Rifle, Caliber .30, Automatic, Browning, M1918
Belt, Magazine, B.A.R, M37
Secondary Options:
Pistol, Automatic, Caliber .45, M1911A1
Holster, Hip, M1916 or Holster, Shoulder, M3
Pouch, Magazine, Pistol, Caliber .45
Knife, Fighting, M3 [with M6 or M8 Scabbard]
Knife, Pocket, M2 [with para-cord lanyard]
Grenade, Hand, Fragmentation, MKII*
Grenade, Hand, Anti-tank, No. 75 (Hawkins Mine)
Grenade, No. 82 (Gammon Bomb)*

WWII U.S. weaponry in camp.
Miscellaneous Field Gear
Armband, Gas Detection
Bag, Duffel or Barracks Bag
Bag, Leg, M44
Blanket, Wool, M34 or Bag, Sleeping, Half-zip, M44
Cricket OL
Compass, Wrist with leather strap
D, Ration (emergency chocolate ration)
Disc, Helmet, Luminous
Gloves, Riding, Horsehide, M38
Goggles, M43 or M44
Kit, Mess, M42 with fork, knife, and spoon
Map Pouch, Escape and Evasion
Mask, Gas, M5 with M7 Rubberized Assault Bag
Packet, First Aid, Invasion
Parachute, T5 OL or T7 MG with reserve parachute
Poncho, Canvas, Rubberized, OD7
Rations, K (Breakfast, Dinner, Supper)
Rope, Let-down, Paratrooper
Scarf, Identification
SCR 300 (Walki-Talki)
SCR 536 (Handi-Talki)
Half, Shelter, OD3 [with 1folding pole, 5 wooden stakes, and 1 cotton rope]
Vest, Life, Pneumatic, B4

Cap, Wool Knit, M41
Gloves, Wool, OD, Leather Palm
Overcoat, Wool Melton, OD
Sweater, Pullover, Wool, High Neck, 5-button
Scarf, Neck, Wool
Socks, Wool, OD

Early-Mid War
Coat, Dress, Wool, M37 [with 101st Airborne patch & appropriate rank]
Shirt, Wool, Dress, Enlisted, M37 [with 101st Airborne patch & appropriate rank]
Trousers, Dress, Wool, M37 with M37 waist belt and open-face buckle
Cap, Overseas, Wool, OD7 [with light-blue parachute patch]
Tie, Neck, Cotton, OD3
Socks, Cotton, OD3 or Cushion-sole socks
Boots, Jumper, Parachute
The Class A Uniform: Suitable for all classy events--including college graduation!

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